QSL info

OQRS please !
Via home call signs

We insist on using Clublog OQRS system. Direct letters are opened by dishonest post workers.

Once you have requested your DXpedition QSL using OQRS you must NEVER then put your cards through the bureau – This is NOT required and is ABUSE of the bureau system. Not to mention that sending yor QSL increases your costs !

Once the cards are processed they are BINNED.

When we receive your OQRS request, your QSL is processed and stored until it is time to send the card to your bureau. You must NOT then send your card through the bureau.

You MUST ALSO correctly mark your log as “QSL Requested” When you receive your QSL from us you will see “THANKS QSL” This means your reply is NOT NEEDED. DO NOT SEND a reply QSL to DXpedition cards.

The Bureau service is NOT free, it costs national societies (also you and me) vast amounts of money to ship the cards around the world, abuse of the system is clogging it up and is extremely wasteful.